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Shamanic Reiki Healing Meditation ~Releasing Chords

Online 10th June 10.00AM GMT

Join me on a magical journey into yourself as I guide you through a Shamanic Reiki Healing Meditation.

Infusing a distant Reiki healing & meditation with Shamanic techniques to release the chords holding you back.

We connect energetically with the people around us, and primarily those we have relationships with.

These energetic connections are known as chords in which energy flows. We create chords and connect them to others; similarly, others connect to us. We would see a beautiful web of energetic connections if we could see energy.

As with our physical 3D relationships, we have chords which nourish us, make us happy, raise our vibration, and lower our vibration, making us feel bad, confused, guilty, and insecure, generally lowering our vibration.

In this meditation, we will go within and find the chords draining our energy, find who the chords have come from and are connected to, and decide whether we want to release the chord because it is our choice.

When we release a chord, we lessen the emotional impact the person can make on our lives. If someone was good at upsetting you before their power to affect us will be diminished, a past love that occupied our thoughts, we will not invade our thoughts as much.

If you release a chord from someone draining you of energy, you feel brighter and want to do more. Generally, being released from chords that impact you negatively will allow you to feel more balanced, more in control of your thoughts and feelings, and more optimistic and energetic.

This session offers you an opportunity to receive healing, participate in your healing journey, and practice a technique to self-heal, remove blockages, and raise your vibration.

So find somewhere comfortable to relax, close your eyes and let's go!



Ruth, a Reiki Master, has been gifted a new Reiki symbol to heal with her voice and uses this in combination with traditional distant healing techniques to give Reiki to participants during this session.


Online June 10.00AM GMT Appx 40-60Mins

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